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Chevrolet Camaro and Colorado Win Motor Trend 2016 Car and Truck of the Year!

LOS ANGELES (Tuesday, November 17, 2015) – The all-new Gen Six Chevrolet Camaro and the Chevrolet Colorado with its all-new 2.8L Duramax turbo-diesel engine won the 2016 Motor Trend Car and Truck the Year awards on Monday night.

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Chevrolet Colorado Diesel: Canada’s Most Fuel Efficient Pickup

Oshawa, Ontario (Monday, November 9, 2015) – Chevrolet today confirmed that the 2016 Colorado two-wheel drive with the Duramax turbo-diesel will be the most fuel efficient pickup in Canada, offering a fuel consumption rating of 7.7 L/100km highway.

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The Story of Edwards Garage – 85 Years and Counting!

Charlie Edwards started his Franchised Chevrolet Dealership back in 1929 and we are certain that he couldn't have envisioned what his small business would turn into.  In the following years, he also obtained the franchise for Oldsmobile vehicles.

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Which Of These 7 Driving Personalities Best Fits You?

London researchers say all motorists can be narrowed down to these categories. It's not unusual for us to try and give names to the other people we're forced to share the road with. We come up with endless derogatory terms for anyone who cuts us off, hogs the left lane or speeds through our children's school zone.

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OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation Tips and Commands

If you’re an OnStar Directions & Connections® plan subscriber, you know how effortlessly you can connect to the destination of your choice with Turn-by-Turn Navigation. Simply tell an OnStar Advisor where you want to go and directions will be downloaded to your car, or push a button to get directions you’ve sent to your navigation system using eNav, or use your OnStar RemoteLink™ mobile app, which in addition to letting vehicle owners access real-time vehicle data like oil-life and tire pressure(1), lock and unlock doors(2) and contact an OnStar Advisor from your smartphone, also lets you find a location and send directions right to your vehicle(3).

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Remember Summer Car Service!

To extend the life of your vehicle and prevent problems before they start, prioritize summer maintenance before the seasons change. Nothing is worse than dealing with a problem on the side of the road in the middle of the summer heat. By keeping up with routine maintenance, you can save yourself hassle and money.

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