Located just off of Highway 11 on the west side of the highway, Edwards Garage boasts a wide selection of inventory from the GM line-up including Chevrolet, Buick and GMC.

When Charlie Edwards started his blacksmith shop in the 1920’s upon returning from World War 1, there is no way he could have ever envisioned what would become of Edwards Garage as it is known today. Expanding to sell carriages and becoming a sub-dealer for the very new Chevrolet Automobile at the time through a dealer in Red Deer, the transition was in motion to venture from a blacksmith shop to a new car dealership. In 1929, he was officially awarded a Chevrolet franchise and moved the business from its original location to the bottom of Main Street in Rocky Mountain House where it stayed for the next 60+ years.

In 1949 Charlie Edwards passed away leaving the dealership to his wife Myrtle. However, at that time women were not allowed to hold a franchise agreement with General Motors, so she had to find an operator to run the business for her until her son Clayton was able to step into a management role in 1954. Over the next 50 years, Clayton along with his son Brent and all of the staff that had come and gone during that time set the course for what Edwards Garage has become today.

In the 2000’s, Brent’s sons Zach and Stephen became involved with the dealership and it’s various departments in their pursuit to becoming the 4th generation dealers in one of Canada’s oldest family run GM dealerships.

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