Which Of These 7 Driving Personalities Best Fits You?

London researchers say all motorists can be narrowed down to these categories.
It's not unusual for us to try and give names to the other people we're forced to share the road with. We come up with endless derogatory terms for anyone who cuts us off, hogs the left lane or speeds through our children's school zone. Once in a while, we'll even have something nice to say about someone who let's us merge in or gives up their right of way. But now, social psychologists from London School of Economics, along with Goodyear, have concluded a road safety study, and they say that all drivers can be narrowed down into just 7 categories.
1) The Teacher: not only does this guy try to educate other drivers and point out their mistakes, but he expects recognition for his scholastic efforts.
If you're a teacher, this SUV might be just right for you!
know it all
2) The Know-it-all: basically, this guy thinks that everybody else is an idiot, and is characterized by shouting at others from the safety of his closed windows.
If you're a Know-it-all, this car might be just right for you!
3) The Competitor: this guy is always on the racetrack, and may be racing you without you even knowing it. He's also unlikely to let you merge or pass in front of him, as that will be viewed as a personal failure.
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4) The Punisher: don't do anything wrong around this guy, because he will get out of the car and make sure you get what you deserve.
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5) The Philosopher: this guy is cool, calm and collected, and tries to justify others' misbehavior by finding the rationale behind it.
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6) The Avoider: sort of like the philosopher, but this guy will be out of there at the first sign of misbehavior or conflict.
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7) The Escapee: "drivers? What drivers? I was just listening to music/looking at my phone/dealing with my kids." This guy stays occupied with what's inside his own car to avoid having to deal with what's going on in that terrible world outside.
If you're The Escapee this car might be just right for you!
Can you find yourself in any of these categories, or do you think the researchers should have come up with a unique description all for you?
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