Alberta Crown Land Vision Survey

Alberta Crown Land Vision

The Government of Alberta has released its vision for provincial Crown land management (Alberta.ca/Alberta-Crown-Land-Vision). Government is committed to a common sense land management system, and the vision sets the stage for improvements Albertans have asked for, like supporting the sustainable use of trails and the backcountry, getting rid of confusing and conflicting rules, and conservation of Crown land and biodiversity to ensure land uses are sustainable into the future.

One component of achieving that vision is improving how recreation is managed on provincial Crown land, which includes public lands, parks and protected areas. I would like to inform you that Alberta Environment and Parks is initiating engagement with Albertans on how to improve our approach to sustainable funding and partnerships for recreation in the province.

The Government of Alberta recognizes the significant contribution of outdoor recreation organizations in trail planning, development, maintenance, education, and stewardship. Alberta’s recreational users have indicated that in order to sustain recreation experiences, more needs to be done to manage recreation areas, including random camping and trails, and to enforce rules to ensure future generations can also enjoy recreation experiences afforded by our natural heritage. We are seeking input on ways to enhance recreation experiences for Albertans in a way that is sustainably funded and enables partnerships.

An online public survey at www.alberta.ca/sustainable-outdoor-recreation-engagement.aspx is now available until January 15, 2021 to provide an opportunity to share feedback to help inform how outdoor recreation in Alberta can be improved and better managed. We encourage Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association of Alberta to inform and share this survey with your members.

In addition to the online public survey, a discussion guide is available at talkaep.alberta.ca/sustainable-recreation-discussion-guide to gather feedback from your organization with more specific considerations about sustainable funding approaches, liability, and longevity of trails and infrastructure. Please use Google Chrome and follow the link to access the closed site.

If you have a request to meet with Environment and Parks staff or have any questions regarding this proposal and engagement, please email OutdoorRecreation@gov.ab.ca.

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Here’s a link to the survey and the Crown Lands Vision and a bit of background on each.




• As we promised in our platform, Alberta’s government is consulting on how we can improve recreation opportunities, specifically for trails users.

• Our Crown lands are managed for a variety of purposes – including but not limited to conservation, recreation and economic activity. The existing system is complicated and does not always recognize that land is used for a variety of purposes.

• We are inviting Albertans to tell us how AEP land use policies can provide more clarity and consistency in responsibly managing our shared outdoor spaces.

• Input will help shape future policy and legislation for Crown land, including parks and public lands that support recreation for generations to come.

• The consultation is guided by the Alberta Crown Land Vision.

• Alberta’s government is seeking input into how to support the responsible use of Crown lands, including trails: how we can enhance trails experiences for a variety of users; supporting partnerships, funding opportunities; and how money can be reinvested into recreation as well as education and enforcement.

Alberta Crown Land Vision

• The new vision will guide improvements over the coming years to Alberta’s Crown land management system, to make it clearer and easier to understand.

• It will support solutions that make outdoor recreation sustainable and enable more partnerships, and will sharpen government’s focus on achieving outcomes and reducing red tape.


Survey Registration

• Many Government of Alberta engagement surveys require registration to participate. This is considered a best practice for survey design and helps ensure the quality of data received is high.

• Survey instructions:

    • 1. Head over to the link above.

    • 2. Click on ‘take survey.”

    • 3. Provide your login name, email address, create a password and enter your postal code.

    • 4. Look for a confirmation email and click on the link contained in it.

    • 5. You’re all set to go!


Source: RVDA (Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association)



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