As a Professional Business Office, we have a moral, ethical and legal obligation to present every Business Office product and service to each and every Customer. We will find all our customers the best possible rates on any New or Used Vehicle or RV regardless of previous credit issues or lack there of.

Let the Edwards Garage Business Office take the hassle out of the buying process on your next Vehicle or RV purchase.

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Longer Terms for Car Loans in Drayton Valley Can Help You Save Money

Buying a new car is a serious expense. That's why you should consider your financing options carefully. Think about the pros and cons of various arrangements for car loans and make sure that you are taking the long view as well as the short view.

If you choose a loan with a longer term, you won't need to pay as much per month. If you're low on cash right now, that may seem like a good option. However, with shorter term car loans you can save a significant amount of money overall.

You never know what the state of your finances will be several years down the road, so it's a good idea to try to pay off your loans as quickly as possible and save yourself some money.

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