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In 1918, Chevrolet introduced the One-Ton truck, a century later, the 2018 model year marks 100 years of truck sales for the company. Over 85 million trucks have been sold since the first One-Ton and to mark the anniversary, Chevrolet is holding a 100-day Centennial Celebration.
Chevy Trucks1

“The Chevy Trucks Centennial is a huge milestone for us, and is equally important to our customers,” said Sandor Piszar, Chevrolet Trucks Advertising and Marketing director. “That’s why we will be celebrating 100 years of Chevy Trucks over the course of the next 100 days. It’s important that we share this celebration with our loyal customers who have helped us achieve this accomplishment.”

Chevrolet began the Centennial Celebration at the State Fair of Texas where they announced the many ways the company is commemorating the occasion. Chevy Trucks2

First is the introduction of Centennial Editions of the Silverado and Colorado. Silverado models will be based on LTZ Z71 trim in crew cab form, and add: front and rear heritage bowtie emblems, 100 year door badge, spray-in bedliner with heritage bowtie emblem, accessory floor liners with heritage bowtie emblems, centennial blue exterior paint, 22” painted wheels with chrome inserts with all-terrain tires, chrome tow hooks, and chrome bowtie on steering wheel. Chevy Trucks3

Colorado models will also be based on Z71 trim, but be available in crew cab or extended cab versions, and add: front and rear heritage bowtie emblems, 100 year door badge, spray-in bedliner with heritage bowtie emblem, accessory floor liners with heritage bowtie emblems, centennial blue exterior paint, body-color rear bumper and front grille surround, LT Optional 18” wheels with monochromatic cap, chrome tow hooks, belt moulding, mirror caps and door handles. Chevy Trucks4

Second, Chevrolet will roll our its Truck Legends program nationally. The program recognizes customers who own a Chevy Truck with over 100,000 miles or who have owned more than one Chevy Truck. The program gives customers access to a members-only online community, Truck Legends merchandise and experiences through Chevrolet partnerships (including concert tickets, MLB events and sneak peaks of new Chevrolet models).

Third, Chevrolet will be be selling special merchandise with the heritage bowtie emblem. Finally, a Chevy Trucks Centennial Celebration was held on December 16, 2017.

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Chevrolet “Best Day Ever”

Chevrolet Shared #BestDayEver with 3 Million Viewers

Watch the Video here: Best Day Ever!

Chevrolet chose April 1st, a day normally known for kidding around and playing practical jokes, to deliver some very real surprises to deserving people around the globe. Their #BestDayEver campaign was launched with the intention of making some people’s day one of the best they’ve ever had, and not surprisingly, it was a huge success.

The #BestDayEver campaign reached over 3 million viewers on the live YouTube stream, in addition to the 12,000 other people Chevy surprised. The automaker recruited movie stars, musicians, professional athletes and more to surprise lucky individuals with meaningful gestures both large and small.

There were all different kinds of surprises throughout the day. Singer Kelly Clarkson put on a surprise concert for pregnant women and new moms who were attending a luncheon at The Grove in Los Angeles, while Danica Patrick surprised patrons at a gas station in Concord, N.C. by giving them $100 gas cards and taking pictures with them. Olivia Wilde also shocked students at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York when she was introduced as their substitute instructor, and Alec Baldwin also showed up to a history class at Occidental College dressed up as Abraham Lincoln.

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One of the best surprises of the day though was when Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney, Robin Van Persie and Juan Mata invited Make-A-Wish Foundation wish recipient Matthew McMahon to a match on May 16 through a video chat. Additionally, Manchester United alumni Gary Bailey, mascot Fred the Red and members of the local Manchester United Supporters Club showed up to his home to present him with the tickets to the match and other club memorabilia.

“Chevrolet took a vanguard position in creating a real-time marketing program that reached diverse audiences and brought about a new level of conversation about the brand,” Paul Edwards, Chevy’s U.S. vice president of marketing said in a statement. “The brand engaged millions of people today and if we got just a fraction of those folks to take another look at our cars, trucks and crossovers, we accomplished our goals.”

Surprise! Kelly Clarkson gave a surprise performance in LA on Wednesday to prove that not all April Fool’s surprises have to be bad

Article Source: GM Authority

GM Working On Headlights That Track Your Eye Movements

Eye-tracking headlight technology from Opel

Eye-tracking headlight technology from Opel

General Motors Company’s [NYSE:GM] European subsidiary Opel is developing a new type of headlight that actually tracks the movement of your eyes and then shines in the direction you are looking at, within a set range. The new feature will form part of Opel’s adaptive headlights in the near future and will likely filter across to other brands within the GM fold at some point.

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In development for almost two years, the system relies on a highly-accurate camera that reads the driver’s face more than 50 times per second, scanning prominent points, such as the nose and eyes, to detect movement and thereby the driver’s line of sight. The system then translates the information gathered into data commands for electronically-controlled actuators, which instantly align the vehicle’s headlight projectors.

The major hurdle was dealing with the fact that a driver’s eyes will jump from one focal point to another frequently during normal driving. So if the headlights were allowed to follow this movement precisely, the vehicle’s light path would jerk around erratically. The solution was a sophisticated delay algorithm which ensures a natural movement for the light path. Should the driver not be looking at the road, the headlights will remain on, pointing in the direction of the vehicle. Importantly, the system has been designed to work with anyone behind the wheel without any calibration, no matter their size.

Eye-tracking headlight technology from Opel

A launch date for the eye-tracking headlights is yet to be announced but Opel already has some leading technology that forms part of a third-generation adaptive headlight system available now. Called “AFL+”, the third-generation adaptive headlights can adjust their direction and intensity depending on the situation (pedestrian areas, city driving, country roads, highways and adverse weather) and based on steering wheel and speed inputs.

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AFL+ also includes functions such as dynamic curve light, cornering light and a high beam light assistant that automatically switches the headlights to low beam whenever a forward-facing camera, located on the reverse of the rearview mirror, detects the proximity of headlights or tail-lights of other vehicles.

Engineers at Opel are also planning to implement new matrix LED headlights in the near future. Already offered by German luxury marques, matrix LED headlights use multiple LEDs that can be deactivated independently to split up a light path of a car’s high beam so that other drivers aren’t blinded. Basically, when light sources, such as another car’s headlights (for oncoming cars) or taillights (for cars in front), are detected, LEDs in the relevant zone are deactivated, while the rest of the road remains brightly illuminated. Opel plans to introduce this feature within the next 18 months.

Article Credit – Motor Authority