Power Through the Work Day with a 2017 GMC Sierra 3500 HD

If you’ve got a job to do, you need a truck that can keep up. The powerful and durable 2017 GMC Sierra 3500 HD is loaded with surprising features and comforts that help you get the job done. The Sierra 3500 HD features the Duramax diesel engine you expect from a one-ton GMC truck along with all-terrain tires and a drivetrain designed to keep you moving from Edmonton to the oil fields and everything in between.


Is your truck also your office? If you need a place to keep your paperwork, computer and lunch protected from the rigors of the job site, the cabin of the 2017 GMC Sierra HD was built with you in mind. Triple sealed doors and redesigned aerodynamics make this the quietest riding one-ton truck in its class. The expanded center console has room for hanging folders and comes with an available 110V plug to keep your mobile office running.


Worried about security at remote job sites or when you can’t keep a constant eye on your truck? Optional secure storage is available with locking under seat storage to keep your sensitive documents and important electronics secure while you work and available when you need them. The improved media center keeps you connected to your crew while on the go and improves safety with a color backing camera guidance and object avoidance warnings.


Whether you need to custom build a 2017 GMC Sierra 3500 HD for delivery or want to get a powerful model from dealer stock, the sales and service team at Edwards Garage, a full service GMC dealership in Alberta, are ready to help you get the features you need for the newest addition to your fleet. Stop in to browse inventory, order a truck and schedule ongoing maintenance to keep your 2017 GMC Sierra running at its best for years with service performed by factory-trained technicians.

The 2018 Chevrolet Equinox Is Perfect for Any Occasion

Edwards Garage is proud to offer the all-new 2018 Chevrolet Equinox. This crossover SUV packs a punch with dynamic performance and technology features, as well unmatched safety and efficiency. It truly is the total package, pairing style and functionality without a hitch.




Performance Elements


This SUV sets itself apart from others in its class by offering a 1.6L Turbo Diesel engine that gets and incredible 40 mpg highway. The all-new switchable AWD system allows you to change between FWD and AWD on the go, enhancing your ability to traverse any road in any condition. Intellibeam headlamps automatically switch to high beams when dark driving conditions require it, reverting back to low beams when an approaching vehicle is detected. This is one of many smart performance features that utilizes technology in the best way possible, making the all-new Chevy Equinox a truly modern vehicle.


Safety Features


Safety is at the top of the list, when it comes to importance, for any vehicle. This SUV is packed with plenty of safety features to keep you and your passengers safe at all costs. Surround vision gives you a complete bird’s eye view via the 8-inch diagonal touchscreen, so you always know what’s going on around you.  Rear cross traffic alert, rear park assist, side blind zone alert, and lane change alert provide you with the best safety technology around so that you avoid potentially dangerous situations before they occur.


Unmatched Technology


The all-new Equinox is loaded with great technology features that serve a purpose. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto give you access to your smartphone through the SUV’s touchscreen display, so everything you need is right there with no matter where the road takes you. Available built-in Wi-Fi gives you and your passengers the ability to stay connected at all times.


With so many great features to check out, come over to out dealership and see everything for yourself. Take a test drive to get the full experience and you will understand why the 2018 Equinox is so highly touted.

Impression Made – 2017 Buick Regal

The slogan for the 2017 Buick Regal is: “make an impression without saying a word.” That’s something this car absolutely does. Luxury is key when it comes to every facet of the car, but especially when you’re behind the wheel. The “Driver Information Center” is completely customizable, so all the information you need to drive (and enjoy your drive) is always at your fingertips.

Even with all of the luxury, you never have to sacrifice safety. “Lane Change Alert” will make you aware of vehicles up to 230 feet away, with its unique radar system. You’ll be aware as soon as a vehicle enters your blind spot with the side blind zone alert. Safety meets elegance in the headlights. Featuring LED-accents, they light up both the night sky as well as your vehicle.


The technological advancements of this car are practically unrivaled. A 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot makes you the center of attention, so you’ll always have great internet access with this car. Who needs keys? You won’t need them, as “passive entry” makes it so you can get in and out of your locked car.

Don’t let the gorgeous exterior of this Buick fool you, it’s an absolute beast on the road. The 182-horsepower engine comes standard, and leaves all the other cars in the dust. Despite all that power, you’ll never feel a lack of control with this car. All-Wheel Drive lets you navigate easily and confidently in all circumstances. High-tech “Brembo” brakes keep you safe on the road from whatever’s in front of you, while the “rear cross traffic alert” lets you know whenever something comes within 65 feet of you backing up. An audible and visual warning kicks in when the car approaches something from behind too fast.


You can find this and plenty of other great Buicks at Edwards Garage. Financing is available, so you don’t have to be royalty to drive a regal car.

A Glance at the 2017 GMC Terrain

You have a lot of choices when you’re shopping for an SUV. Compare a few models to get a good idea of what capabilities are available in the various SUV classes and what unique benefits each manufacturer offers.






GMC is a perennial leader in the sport utility market. The 2017 GMC Terrain marks the eighth year of the current model’s design. It’s a long-time success compact crossover class due to a spacious backseat area and relatively quiet cabin. While other options four crossovers offer some more gadgets in the standard trim, the overall reliability of the Terrain helps maintain its popularity.


We have answers to all of your SUV questions at Edwards Garage. Come on down and take a look at our selection, and don’t be afraid to ask about the Terrain or any other vehicles you’re interested in.




One of the most popular upgrades on the 2017 GMC Terrain is the V6 engine. This gives it a speed advantage over many other competitors. With a 3.6-liter displacement, it delivers 272 pound feet of torque and 301 horsepower. In contrast, the standard engine gives you 182 horsepower.


Front-wheel drive comes standard with anti-lock brakes, traction control and a rearview camera. A standard cabin feature setting the Terrain apart is a seven-inch touchscreen dashboard control.


This vehicle has more capacity then other classes. As far as crossovers go, the Terrain is more focused on comfort of backseat passengers than it is on carrying a lot of cargo. Still, it’s a versatile option and a very popular design.


When you come by and visit us at Edwards Garage, make sure to ask about our service options. We want to make sure that you spend as much time on the road and as possible. Let us help you set up a maintenance schedule to keep your car running with the reliability and performance you need.

Advantages of a Midsized Truck

If you’re thinking about buying a new truck, you may be having trouble choosing between a full-sized or midsized truck. Even the most seasoned truck shoppers can find themselves having this dilemma. A truck is a big investment. Additionally, it’s a decision that needs to keep in mind what you’d use the truck for. The last thing that you need is to pick up a vehicle that doesn’t perform all of the tasks that you need it to. In the same vein, you don’t want to pay too much for a truck that does more than what you’ll need it to.





How you’re going to utilize your truck is one of the most important factors in choosing the truck that you’re going to end up with. If you don’t have to tow anything over 7000 pounds, then you might have the most luck with a 2016 Chevrolet Colorado. While the Colorado is a midsized vehicle, it tows more than what the average person needs. At Edward’s Garage, we can help you decide the kind of capability you need.




Of course, payload is also something that you have to consider when choosing between midsized and full sized. Unless you have a business that requires you to carry heavy equipment, you probably won’t need a full sized truck. Most people have less than 2000 pounds of cargo that needs to be carried. If you’re one of those people, then you probably won’t need more than a midsized truck.

When it comes down to it, you have to weigh out the pros and cons when purchasing any truck. This is the type of investment that will follow you for years to come. It’s best to make sure that you have the right truck for the job that you need done. While professionals or construction workers may need a full-sized truck to carry their cargo, most people can get by with a midsized truck.

Changes and Updates in the 2017 Chevrolet Tahoe

As a new model year is rolled out, we come to expect that there will be updates and changes made in the design and features. So, it’s no surprise that the 2017 model year brought some great changes to the Chevrolet Tahoe. As you make your decision about what vehicle to buy here at Edwards Garage, keep the following points about the2017 Chevrolet Tahoe in mind.


Exterior Changes


The biggest news about the exterior choices for the Tahoe are the color changes. This year, you can no longer get brownstone metallic, sable metallic, slate grey metallic or green envy metallic. Instead, you are offered up some new color choices, which include blue velvet metallic and pepperdust metallic. In addition, you now have two wheel options, 22-inch 7-spoke silver wheels or 22-inch ultra bright machined aluminum wheels. Finally, roof rails have been added to some packages.


Technology Changes


Technology is where the big changes happened in this model year. It shouldn’t be too surprising that the technology boosts are the biggest changes. Vehicles are entering the world of technology quickly with each new year being expected to provide more. You still get heated seats, but they now are vented, too. The rear seat entertainment system now has a voiceover feature, projection for the wifi system on the vehicle’s screens, an additional USB port and an added HDMI/MHL connector. The infotainment systems have also seen some changes, with the new teen driver feature, customization for the rear seats, an added app shop and low speed forward automatic braking.


Exterior and technology changes allow the 2017 Tahoe to stand out from previous years. While there weren’t any huge changes, and nothing of note as far as the performance, the Tahoe is a solid vehicle that really didn’t require a major overhaul. These noteworthy changes are like icing on the cake, dressing up an already excellent vehicle.


The 2017 Chevrolet Equinox: Built for Comfort and a Smooth Ride

A solidly built SUV with plenty of interior room, the 2017 Chevrolet Equinox is a dependable performer among SUVs in its class. Evolving in many ways since the introduction of the 2005 model year, newer versions keep adding and retooling features made for daily drivers with families in mind. With a spacious and quiet interior, safety-focused features and a couple of different engine options, we think this is the SUV you’ll choose when you need to upgrade.


Solid and Consistent


One of the design constants in this vehicle is the Theta unibody platform from General Motors. And while engineers continue to update shape of the exterior chassis year after year, the chassis itself remains solid and sturdy, fabricated to provide ample room for both people and cargo. So whether it’s a jaunt across town, the morning commute or a long-distance road trip, your passengers won’t be struggling for leg room. Additionally, the 2016 model comes with sliding and reclining backseats to enhance their comfort.


Pick Your Engine


The 2017 Chevrolet Equinox features two engine options for the discriminating buyer. Select from the 2.4L DOHC 4-cylinder SIDI engine that comes standard with most editions, or upgrade to the more powerful V6 version for faster acceleration and some real action behind the wheel. But either way, it’s got ample get-up-and-go for your daily driving.


Safety First


Your new 2017 Chevrolet Equinox also packs in a wide array of safety features. Lane Departure Warning, Side Blind Zone Alert and Forward Collision Alert work to keep you from ending up in an accident. And you’ve got plenty of help in the rear of the vehicle, with the Rear Vision Camera, Rear Park Assist and Rear Cross Traffic Alert options. The engineers have got you covered from every angle.


Trading in your old vehicle for a 2017 Chevrolet Equinox is a great idea when you shop at Edwards Garage. With this feature-packed vehicle, you’re ready for anything life throws at you both on and off the road. Its mix of power, comfort and safety is perfect for your lifestyle.

Cruise to College With the 2017 Chevrolet Cruze

Purchasing your child’s first new car can be a rather heady experience. You want the safest ride possible, an economical drive, and something of which he or she can be proud. Now that your student is going off to college, though, it is time to stop kicking the tires and the idea around to choose exactly the vehicle that stands the best chance of delivering the most value and safety for your auto dollar. There is no doubt that the 2017 Chevrolet Cruze will be a popular choice for college students near and far.


Sporty yet economical, the Cruze features a 1.4 liter turbo engine, and that makes for fun driving. With a mileage capability of 40 miles to the gallon and 153 horsepower, the ride will be consistent and exhilarating.


One of the big concerns for any student driving between home and school is storage space. Chevrolet has thought of everything. Incorporating 60/40 split fold seating into the back seat, these innovators have increased the breadth of your child’s new car considerably. There will be room for friends as well as room to carry just about whatever she needs to make her home away from home perfect.


As if safety, comfort, and excellent mileage were not enough, Chevrolet also endeavors to provide for your young person’s every roadway entertainment need. With ntegrated wifi, a 7-inch diagonal touch screen, and apps closeby, your young person can keep his or her hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Should an emergency arise, GPS can help them find their way and roadside assistance is only a call away.


Edwards Garage is ready, willing, and able to help you select the perfect ride for your college-bound offspring. The 2017 Cruze is both a safe and a stylish bet. If you are ready to put your student behind the wheel of his or her first new car, we would be honored to help.

All-New Duramax 6.6L Diesel Is Our Most Powerful Ever!

Greater horsepower, torque supports more confident trailering on 2017 Sierra HD


DALLAS (Thursday, September 29, 2016) — When it comes to horsepower from a diesel engine, the 2017 GMC Sierra HD tops the segment with an SAE-certified 445 hp (332 kW) from an all-new Duramax 6.6L V-8 turbo-diesel. And when it comes to the torque that enables effortless trailering and hauling, it also delivers more than ever: an SAE-certified net 910 lb.-ft. of torque (1,234 Nm) to make easier work of the heaviest loads.

“GMC Sierra HD trucks and the Duramax diesel have a long-established legacy of offering customers confidence-inspiring capability for the largest tasks,” said Duncan Aldred, vice president of GMC Sales and Marketing. “With the new Duramax and additional enhancements, the 2017 Sierra HD takes the combination of refinement and capability to an unprecedented level.”

Along with a 19 percent increase in max torque over the current Duramax 6.6L and segment-best horsepower, the redesigned turbo-diesel’s performance is quieter and smoother, for greater refinement and more confidence when trailering or hauling.

The new Duramax 6.6L is a next-generation redesign of the venerable turbo-diesel engine and incorporates a new, GM-developed control system. The Duramax’s signature low-rpm torque production hasn’t changed, offering 90 percent of peak torque at a low 1,550 rpm and sustaining it through 2,850 rpm — an attribute that contributes to the Sierra HD’s confident pulling power.

A new, patent-pending vehicle air intake system — distinguished on the Sierra HD by a bold hood scoop — drives cool, dry air into the engine for sustained performance and cooler engine temperatures during difficult conditions such as trailering on steep grades. Cooler air helps the engine run better under load, especially in conditions where engine and transmission temperatures can rise quickly. That allows the Duramax to maintain more power and vehicle speed when trailering in the toughest conditions.

Driveline enhancements were made to increase strength and enhance durability, including a stronger front prop shaft and larger U-joints compared to previous Duramax-equipped Sierra HD models.

Additional highlights include:

  • New full-length, damped steel oil pan that contributes to quietness
  • New rocker cover/fuel system acoustical treatments
  • B20 bio-diesel compatibility
  • SAE-certified 445 net horsepower (332 kW) at 2,800 rpm
  • SAE-certified 910 net lb.-ft. of torque (1,234 Nm) at 1,600 rpm

The new Duramax 6.6L turbo-diesel engine is produced with locally and globally sourced parts at GM’s manufacturing facility in Moraine, Ohio. It will be available in the Sierra HD in early 2017.cq5dam-web-1280-1280

2017 Sierra HD lineup

When it comes to delivering the capability on which GMC’s reputation was forged, Sierra 2500HD and 3500HD models — including Sierra Denali HD — are offered with gas and Duramax diesel propulsion systems. They enable a maximum conventional trailering rating of 9,072 kilograms (20,000 lbs) and a max fifth-wheel/gooseneck trailering rating of 10,568 kilograms (23,300 lbs).

Regular, double cab and crew cab models are offered across the lineup, with the premium Sierra Denali HD — the ultimate expression of GMC’s Professional Grade ethos — offered exclusively as a crew cab. It matches GMC’s do-it-all capability with distinctive styling elements, premium materials and upscale interior amenities.

Additionally, the All Terrain HD premium off-road package is the most capable off-pavement model, featuring unique exterior details and 18-inch chrome aluminum wheels with all-terrain tires, the Z71 suspension with Rancho twin-tube shocks and more.

In addition to the new Duramax 6.6L turbo-diesel engine, the 2017 Sierra HD lineup offers Teen Driver, which allows parents to set controls, review driving habits and encourage safe driving habits when they are not in the vehicle.

Additional vehicle highlights:

  • An available Gooseneck/5th Wheel Trailering Prep Package makes Sierra HD models ready to tow larger trailers right from the factory.
  • Digital Steering Assist power steering on select models senses speed to enable ease of handling at low speeds and improved steering feel at highway speeds. It helps make trailering easier when parking or on the road.
  • HID projector-beam headlamps with GMC-signature LED lighting is standard on all models
  • Available wireless phone charging (standard on Denali)
  • Available remote locking tailgate (standard on Denali)

About Edwards Garage in Rocky Mountain House

Edwards Garage is a family owned and operated Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and RV dealership that has been serving the town Rocky Mountain House and surrounding areas for over 86 Years!Edwards44

We have many amenities, including:

  • A large selection of new and pre-owned vehicle inventory
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  • We service all makes and models of vehicle and RVs
  • A fully stocked vehicle & RV Parts Department
  • Quick Lube – No appointment necessary
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Visit us at www.edwardsgarage.com or check us out on Facebook or Twitter!


Chevrolet Reveals Lighter, More High-Tech Equinox

It doesn’t get a lot of limelight, but the Chevrolet Equinox has long been a strong and steady seller in the hot compact CUV segment — all the more so if you also combine its sales with those of its GMC Terrain fraternal twin.

And now a new one is coming down the pike — cutely revealed to the world on the day of the autumn equinox.

Expected to go on sale in the first quarter of 2017, the 2018 Equinox has been “right-sized” for its segment. The previous model was physically larger than all its competitors; the latest is reduced in length by more than 10 cm — a much better fit with its peer group, albeit still somewhat larger than most.

The other big novelty: a line-up of three turbocharged four-cylinder engines (no more V-6 option) will include a first-in-segment diesel. The 1.6-litre oil-burner will be an alternative to 1.5-litre or 2.0-litre gasoline engines similar to those in the 2016 Malibu. The gas engines will be paired with a new nine-speed automatic, but the diesel will have a six-speed. Even so, GM is predicting a highway fuel-consumption rating of less than 6 litres/100 km.

Despite the exterior downsizing, GM claims passenger volume is increased while a “down-and-away” dashboard design promises good forward visibility. Cargo volume is down a little with the rear seats up, but that doesn’t include a substantial hidden compartment under the removable cargo deck; cargo space is virtually unchanged with the seats folded.

Chevrolet touts a “kneeling” seat cushion that helps provide a flat cargo floor, though unlike on the old model the second-row seats are no longer fore-aft adjustable.

Max tow rating, with the 2.0 engine, is 3,500 pounds. GM’s engineers also took 180 kilograms of mass out of the vehicle, which sits on a new D2 architecture that is so far unique to this model.

As expected of any new vehicle, the 2018 will be rich in connectivity and driver-assist features. The former will include Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, 4G LTE Wi-Fi, and 7- or 8-inch screens; the latter include low-speed forward automatic braking, active lane-keeping assist, surround vision, and GM’s unique rear-seat reminder so drivers won’t forget they have little ’uns in the rear when they park and leave the vehicle.

The 2018 Equinox will continue to be built in Ingersoll, Ont., as well as in two other U.S. locations.

Source: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-drive/reviews/new-cars/chevrolet-reveals-lighter-more-high-tech-equinox/article32018844/