Choosing A Dealer

Perhaps your old clunker has finally kicked the proverbial bucket; or maybe your beloved little coup has been hit and is beyond repair; or your significant other is tired of sharing and is demanding that you get a new car. Knees knocking with fear, you prepare yourself for the experience, dreaded by many, of stepping into a dealership to buy a new vehicle. For many, this quest consists of heading to the closest lot dealing in used cars and taking whatever is offered to them. However, purchasing a used vehicle does not have to be the nightmare that so many people consider it to be. With the right amount of research and investigation, you can find a dealership that works well for you and walk you may be able to walk—or rather, drive—away feeling good about your purchase.


Despite the stereotype, salesmen dealing in used cars do not all wear checkered ties and leering expressions. In fact, many smaller dealerships specializing in pre-owned vehicles are actually quite friendly and willing to work with buyers in ways that you might not find at a large new-car dealer. The key to finding the dealership that best suits your needs and desires is in taking just a little bit of time to look around and read about your local used car specialists.


The internet is a valuable recourse for those that wish to conduct some research before selecting their dealership. Online, you can find reviews from previous buyers who relate their experience with the dealer they went to. This offers valuable, unbiased insight into a sales group. Look for the traits which you personally value in a salesperson. If you prefer a straight-forward experience, then look for a dealer that has demonstrated openness and honesty in the past. If you feel strongly about being heard, then seek out a group that is known for listening to customers. This way you are empowered from the moment you step through the door to choose from the selection of used cars.



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